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AMDS-ops Customer Information Exchange

Ask a question, make a suggestion, or upload your database file to us here.

Select the database file to upload to AMDS-ops.  Typically this file will be as follows:

C:/Program Files/AMDS-ops Suite/AMDS-ops Suite.mdb

However, if you are sending the server copy of the database file, then you must know the correct server path and name of the appropriate .mdb file.

Before sending your file, save it as a compressed (zipped) file.  To do this, right-click the file in Windows Explorer, left-click on Send To, and select Compressed (Zipped) Folder.  Upload the newly created zipped folder to our website.

Update your user guide here.  Save downloaded file  AMDSHELP.chm to C:\Program Files\AMDS-ops Suite\ on your computer to update AMDS-ops Help to the latest version:

Download AMDS-ops Vessel Operations User Guide

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