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Featuring Hybri-Cloud Technology... software at sea with storage and synchronization “in the Cloud”!

 Proper vessel operations and administration... keeps your fleet’s budget “on course”!

Today’s business environment, ashore and at sea, requires fluid application of dependable, focused, and cost effective technology. Advanced Maritime Data Systems software has been developed and tested by professional mariners for a wide range of applications including logbook data entry, passage logs, fuel and liquid abstracts, regulatory drills and inspections, crew work hours and payroll, preventative maintenance and repair logs, and inventory detail and requisitioning processes.  In addition, it also handles crew sign on/off, assigns Station Bill duties, and tracks crew qualifications and expiration dates.


Each application is easily user tailored for customer, vessel, or operation specific requirements.  Shoreside and vessel installation provides for a seamless transition and transmission of data, substantially eliminating paper work, document retention, and duplicate efforts.  The software is fully integrable with all Microsoft Office applications and requires minimal training.


Information is directly inputted to the computer forms page in real time using standardized point and click procedures while the program archives all data and is capable of generating all required reports.  Through the use of Internet synchronization, the information can be routinely synchronized to your home office via any landline, cellular, or satellite connection that has Internet capabilities.  All data is transmitted as data packets only- thereby significantly reducing transmission costs as opposed to sending attachments via email.  And by maintaining independence from your Internet carrier, you are free to shop, choose, or switch to the most economical Internet provider available at any time.   

Throw out all the sporadically located spreadsheet files!  Because AMDS-ops is a true database, all history is permanently retained, allowing for immediate and easy recall of information within any designated time span, whether it be yesterday or three years ago!  Trend analysis is readily available in all vessel operations such as fuel consumption, payroll and/or overtime, preventative maintenance, vessel slip & efficiency, machinery logs, and any other vessel operational disciplines. 

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AMDS-ops is built with Microsoft technologies.  Our free demo utilizes an Access database, while our fully licensed application utilizes SQL Server databases hosted on Microsoft Cloud Services.  Whether your fleet size is 1, 10, or 100+ vessels, AMDS-ops is fully scalable to meet your administrative requirements. Our Hybri-Cloud services offers full client services at sea combined with data storage and synchronization “in the cloud”.

If you have additional needs beyond the AMDS-ops report format, any data can easily be exported to Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, or any other Microsoft Office application.

Clear, concise, and direct information from the vessel to shoreside operations is now available immediately when you need it.

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